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Howell - TradingView PineScript [description, problem, debug].html

"... True power only emerges with multi-fractals, when time is one of the fractal dimensions. ..."
Benoit Mandelbrot, 2004, actually, I couldn't find this quote in the Mandlebrot&Hudson book (see references below)

"... Is software programming like blacksmithing a Japanese sword?
Round and round again, with blemishes helping to illuminate your failures of [focus, technique, thinking]. ..."
Howell 20Jun2022

Table of Contents

Related background information on my other webPages : see [general, specific] links to [concepts, my software, data, results, etc] in : PineScript examples written by others :

TradingView, PineScript - general description

TradingView is an excellent financial market [chart, trade]ing platform, that updates prices on a near-real-time basis. Free access is available to some of the platforms features, and user may upgrade according to a subscription plan that suits them. All [investor, trader]s have become used to this kind of capability, of course, and it is a huge advantage to have some [concept, theory, tool, practice] available for [view, use] in a dynamic environment.

PineScript is the proprietary charting language that is integrated into TradingView. It is well-suited to the platform, but it is a very specialised and quirky language to get used to. I'm not sure - it may be related t"... TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. It's a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. ...".

WARNINGS! Pine Script coding

Pine Script is a wonderful tool, but its a very different language from most, and the "hidden syntax imperatives" can kill you and waste days of your time. Furthermore, while compiler messages are very helpful, they are far from complete, and oftn the code compiles ("Save") well, but nothing happens, leaving you in the dark. If you are doing heavy programing, Pine Script won't work, but then you won't have the TradingView almost-real-time data updates.

There is a great deal of "leftover code" from very differenty approaches to doing [time, price] fractals.
I reverted to an older multi-series approach for plotting priceFractals.
Still have a problem with "scrunching" of [1,5] year graphs, but not of [ALL, <1 year] graphs

I'm happy with Pinecript for what it does do.
TradingView is highly constrained by legal, business] requirements, and that's fair :
Key frustrations I've had, as part of the learning process :
Key worries that trip me up : for more comments on errors, see :
"$d_webRawe"'Software programming & code/PineScript for TradingView market charts/0_PineScript errors.txt'

STUPID ME!!! (ouch)
As per the example code lines below, I was using a series for the 1926-2020 fractalPrices.
But it's FAR more [efficient, fast] to simply plot lines!!
This also gets around the "can't use plot locally" challenge, and is what I did for fractal Time.
Man, am I slow. ARGGGHHH!

20May2022 This coding is really messed up, I reverted to an older version given problems as listed above.
"spikes" (vertical lines) for timeFractals are positioned wrong and intermittent
fractalPrices are "squeezed up" for the [1Y, All] timescales

My [frequent, ongoing] failures with PineScript programming

I still don't understand many of the PineScript idiosyncracies. It has taken me weeks to "sort-of" solve a problem but even a year or two to gain enough knowledge to develop better approaches.

Here are some PineScript coding [bugs, issues], mostly based on my own ignorance of how to use the language :