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Big Data, Deep Learning, and Safety

This is a video made from a presentation that I gave on 01Sep2016 at ACM Facility Safety, Calgary, Canada. While I had essentially all of the material (including voice recordings at the time of the presentation, I converted the entire presentation to video to have a compact, useable format to post of the web. ACM, holds regular meetings each month

The video is in ".ogv" format (Open Graphics Group - related, I think), which will be problematic to many MS Windows and Mac users (you will have to download a video player that can use ogv format).

In addition to the video of the presentation, "Howell 161220 Big Data, Deep Learning, Safety.ogv">, I have also posted the [software, scheduling/coding spredsheet, slides, etc] used to produce the video, but not any proprietary video segments (to reduce space). This may be of use to others who produce videos and would like to kow how I approached this. It won't be directly adapatable, as I have used a little-known language, Queen's University of Kingston "Nested Interactive Array Language (Q'Nial) to actually run the playing of [slides, references, images, videos, etc] of which it is composed. Although there is some documentation, it is very limited.

As far as I know, ACM closed its operations later that year due to the collapse in their oil&gas related safety consulting business following the combined double-whammy of the oil price collapse and a provincial government hostile to the oil&gas (and essentially all other) industries.

Directory of available files for this webpage: including earlier versions of papers.

video first posted 08Dec2015, software, slides etc used to produce video posted 26Sep2017